Relive the Monterey Reunion Livestream

I’m glad someone else has followed The Goodwood Revival’s marvelous example of livestreaming and archiving contemporary vintage races. I can think of no better example of an event to do so than the 2016 Monterey Motorsports Reunion. I didn’t learn that the event was being streamed until the Monday after. Thankfully the archive is already up and running and ready for you to start your week. Throw on your headphones and be ready to quickly switch to a spreadsheet when your boss walks by.

Porsche RSK Onboard

Goodwood Spirit Comes to the States

70s Racing ActionAn event organizer finally figured out what makes the Goodwood Revival so special. It isn’t the history of the track itself, which is rich and storied. It isn’t the drivers, though Goodwood attracts many of history’s best. It isn’t even the race vehicles themselves, which are undoubtedly among the best in the world.

The Goodwood Revival is spectacular because of the attendees. The crowds almost entirely arrive in period attire. It’s a giant renaissance festival for cars. It’s the best possible cosplay. This extends to the grounds of course, which are staged and prepped in period attire as well, from traditional garages featuring period accoutrements, to classic pubs and barber shops; the entire scene is like a film set and the attendees its extras.

For Laguna Seca’s historic Festival of Legends motorcycle race, the 2010 event organizers have decided to showcase the halcyon days of motorcycle racing, the 1970s. The organizers promise to offer all the “spectacle and glamour of the era and a magical step back in time. The atmosphere, dress, food and music will celebrate life on racetracks in 1970s in a unique weekend celebration”.

Hopefully this isn’t all wishful thinking and the attendees will don their best short-shorts for the series. I’ve long been hoping that this enthusiasm among attendees at vintage events would spread from Goodwood to our shores. Even if the 70s isn’t your personal favorite period for fashion, I hope you’ll get into the spirit if you’re making your way to next year’s event. If it succeeds, we may see more of the classic racing spirit at Stateside events. I hope so.

Hell for Leather has more details, and will no doubt be following the story.

(Photo from Paul’s Place EUPEN’s vintage motorcycle racing Flickr Stream)

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