The Same Kind You Can Install

Dana Piston Rings ad16 straight wins for Perfect Circle piston rings at the Indianapolis “500”

No other piston rings made match the win record of Perfect Circle at Indianapolis. In 31 of the last 37 years, Perfect Circle helped give “500” winners the extra margin of full power performance it takes to enter victory lane. And the the PC piston rings used by these champions were not specially made for racing. They were standard sets—the same kind you can install! What’s more, every qualifier in last year’s “500” also used Perfect Circle Valve Seals. So take a tip from the experts. When you re-ring, insist on Perfect Circle.

Perfect Circle
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Reader’s Racer: Christian’s Carrera Panamericana Lincoln

La Bestia. Chris Reichardt's Carrera Lincoln

Christian sent in this photo of his Lincoln, “La Bestia” tackling the mighty Carrera Panamericana. Even in its modern interpretation, the Carrera is no joke and participants tend to be of one of two camps: Those that just had to do it once—and after a week of grueling conditions wonder what made them do this treacherous thing—and those that return year after year ready for more. Christian is the latter, and that deserves some props, don’t you think?

I love sharing photos of readers’ cars, guys. Keep ’em coming:

Topps World on Wheels: Kurtis

Topps World on Wheels: Kurtis

Ready to trade? Forget the baseball cards and grab your deck of Topps World on Wheels series. This time: Kurtis.

From the card’s reverse:

This new American sports car is sold either as in the picture, or in separate parts! Then the buyer can have the pleasure of putting it together, if he wishes. The Kurtis is powered by a Hudson motor, with a top speed from 120 to 165 mph, depending on the type of motor installed. Cadillac, Chrysler, DeSoto, Lincoln, and Mercury motors can be installed, at around $3,000.

More cards from the World on Wheels series in the archives.