Magnificent 1957 Italian Motorcycle Racing Movie Trailer – I FiDanzati Della Morte

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  1. Elijah says:

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  2. Very cool motorcycles. Stylish!

  3. Jesse Bowers says:

    Only a single copy of this film exists in all of Italy, and it was restored for a viewing by a world that never even knew it existed.

    The film was partially shot in Taranto (one reason to “bring it” at home), and revived by Alessandro Marotto and Silva Fedrigo, who own a film distribution company (Rodaggio Distribution) founded with the objective to recover, promote and distribute films about the world of two wheels, with an eye on the productions independent and unobtainable movie.

    The spectacular world of motorcycle racing, including the famous Milano-Taranto, is the backdrop to the classic love triangle between Charles, his wife and his lover.

    Technical advice was headed by Bruno Francisci, three-time winner of its Milan-Taranto, twice riding Guzzi and Gilera 4 cylinders.

    Looking at it now sixty years later, the issues dealt with are very bold for its time; in addition to adultery it comes to race strategy and “opportunistic” team agreements.

    Behind the camera was Romolo Marcellini, director, who a few years later filmed the documentary The Grand Olympics (Oscar nominee for Best Documentary in 1962). The idea of projecting the work of Marcellini in the province of Taranto ideally closes a circle historical, because in 1956 he ran the last Milano-Taranto

    thank you for bringing this to light!

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  4. graham64 says:

    Grand Prix bikes with dustbin fairings, sidecars on an oval, wall of death and scrambles/motocross all in one movie!

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