Art Appreciation: Simca Deho Special

I’m having trouble finding verifiable information on this gorgeous little barchetta. Previous sellers have said she has LeMans and Mille Miglia provenance, but I’m not finding it immediately and we’ve all known sellers that were prone to exaggeration. Usually when I can’t dig up much information on a car, I don’t post about it. But one thing about this little machine is immediately certifiable—she’s gorgeous. So despite the lack of concrete information on it, I couldn’t help but share it with you.

Forgive me.

More photos in this Google Plus gallery.

5 responses to “Art Appreciation: Simca Deho Special”

  1. Mal Skinner says:

    When a car is this pretty, who needs an excuse…

  2. Mike Edgerton says:

    1938….Based on Fiat 508 C / MM with 60hp from Gordini tuning. Won its class at Le Mans. Amédée Gordini supplied the technical knowhow and also drove. Deho aluminum body is of lightweight construction . Currently known only 2 existing models with DEHO body. 1213 lb curb weight yield less than 21 lbs / hp.

  3. Kyle says:

    I like my cars like I like my women… curvy.

    Haha but seriously though, this is a beautiful vehicle.

  4. Peter says:

    Sorry, this car is a replica. Unfortunately Mike’s description does not apply.

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