Bruno Dorigo’s Abarth Obsession

This is what passion looks like. It’s not uncommon to know someone that has a few old cars and a bit of memorabilia locked away in a garage. But when someone opens their garage up as a museum; starts a club to share their passion with the world; and gets their cars out and seen as much as possible—that’s the kind of passion and sense of community that I have a deep respect for. Bruno Dorigo’s Abarth collection is impressive, but it’s his passion that is truly enviable.

3 responses to “Bruno Dorigo’s Abarth Obsession”

  1. Peter Linsky says:

    Can’t tell from the photo, but if that’s a real 1000 OTR Berlina Corsa, it’s to die for. Even a real 1000 Corsa is a killer little sedan. They used to eat 1275 Mini Coopers for lunch – absolutely the most ferocious 1-liter racers ever built, but they were too fast for the SCCA to swallow.

  2. Gary Mason says:

    My dream, for almost 60 years, has been a FAZ. It will never happen, but one can still dream.

  3. mike says:

    great article..great cars..thanks

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