1950 Silverstone Map

Silverstone Track Map 1950

You can clearly see Silverstone’s history in this 1950 map of the circuit. That triangle of runways so typical of RAF Class-A airbases during the second World War is clearly evident. Even if you’re familiar with the many changes at Silverstone over the years, the start/finish position is defining characteristic for this period between ’49 and ’51 before it was relocated to between Woodcote and Copse.

There is more than the track itself to point to the era on this map. The “buffets” identified on the map conjures images of something more than a beer and pretzel tent. I’m also mildly surprised to see a “missing persons” tent, which I wouldn’t have thought would have come into play until much later, corresponding with the shorter leash that people tend to keep on kids with each generation.

And that lettering(!): hand-rendered but striving for draftsman’s perfection. The detailing surrounding the Silverstone titling is reason enough to covet this thing and is reminiscent of vintage stock certificate lettering or book title pages or bank notes. Wonderful.

5 responses to “1950 Silverstone Map”

  1. Pilote says:

    A more understandable map than the ones of Silverstone I remember from back-in-the day. Remarkable how it is a larger Goodwood, or Goodwood is a smaller Silverstone. On the other hand, I sure miss Grands Prix being televised from Brands Hatch.

  2. Captain Ned says:

    And then the “powers that be” had to ruin a perfectly good circuit. Rotate it 90 degrees anti-clockwise and I remember it from a mid-’70s era Atari quarter-eater.

  3. Mike Jacobsen says:

    Is it possible this is 1958 rather than 1950? I thought the paddock straight and S/F was between Woodcote and copse.

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