Triumph’s LeMans Digs

Factory Triumphs at Hotel de France

Factory Triumphs at Hotel de France garagesI suspect that photo opportunity that the entrance provided was not the key decision factor for the Triumph Works team when they chose the Hotel de France as their accommodations for LeMans in 1963 and 1964, but it may as well have been. I often prattle on about the lack of pit access and being able to wander amongst the teams and cars before or after the races, but this… this is something else.

Whether the factory cars were just pulled out in front of the hotel for a quick photo and then tucked back into transporters or garages and out of prying eyes, or whether they just sat out front, I don’t know. I like to think it’s the latter. The idea of the team cars just sitting out for a night before one last shakedown run on the hour drive to La Sarthe is too wonderful a notion to not daydream about.

Incidentally, Hotel de France’s Facebook page seems to demonstrate their continuing close relationship with vintage motoring and frequently hosts classic car tours.

Photos via Hotel de France. Thanks for sending these in, Willem!

7 responses to “Triumph’s LeMans Digs”

  1. Carlos Jalife says:

    same thing happended before and after with the Wyer teams (Aston, GT40 and Porsche) at the plaza (more like parking spaces) in front of the hotel so it was actually letting tehm sit out for phot opps and sometimes all night long with a guard just in case someone became too patriotic.

  2. Made me daydream a little! Thanks for sharing them!!

  3. john says:

    If I ever get to France, I am staying there! Great stuff, great history. Thanx for posting.

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