Production Value

Cooper exhibition stand

It’s auto show season. While the latest supercars and minivans are being debuted in Detroit and LA, let’s remember that some of the best racing cars ever made didn’t have so much as a sheet to pull back when they debuted. Today’s vehicle launches are multimedia extravaganzas of celebrity-hosted augmented reality audio visual choreography that seemingly had more effort in their planning than the econobox they’re revealing.

Not so with the Cooper 500 shown here. Just pull up a cafe chair to set the engine on, hand paint a placard with the maker’s name, and park ’em over by the rollup warehouse door. Done and done.

7 responses to “Production Value”

  1. Smagghe says:

    Le père Cooper a du avoir un bon prix de stand: dans un coin, à côté d’un portail.
    Mais il déborde devant !!!
    Et ou sont les belles hotesses potelées ?
    H (quelle année: vers 1950 ?).

  2. Annie says:

    Thanks for taking us back to simpler days! Car shows these days are so elaborate, its more about the presence of the car then the car itself.

  3. Sandeep Banerjee says:

    The eloquence of this article comparing the two eras made me chuckle. Very well put and as usual, makes the reader wish for the simpler times.

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