Reader’s Racer: Christian’s Carrera Panamericana Lincoln

La Bestia. Chris Reichardt's Carrera Lincoln

Christian sent in this photo of his Lincoln, “La Bestia” tackling the mighty Carrera Panamericana. Even in its modern interpretation, the Carrera is no joke and participants tend to be of one of two camps: Those that just had to do it once—and after a week of grueling conditions wonder what made them do this treacherous thing—and those that return year after year ready for more. Christian is the latter, and that deserves some props, don’t you think?

I love sharing photos of readers’ cars, guys. Keep ’em coming:

2 responses to “Reader’s Racer: Christian’s Carrera Panamericana Lincoln”

  1. Mandy Alvarez says:

    ¡Viva Chris!

  2. Dave Emerson says:

    Major props go out to anyone slinging these big sleds through the twisties. I was at a local track last year (Ridge Motorsports Park) and met Stewart Robertson who had his 53 Studebaker Hawk there. He competed in the Carrera in 2008. What a car. He was schooling us all day on how it’s done w/out all the tech goodies. It was humbling.

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