Born of a Blue Sky: GT40s and More at Amelia

After the success of last year’s look at the GTOs of Amelia Island, it’s little wonder that Justin Lapriore was invited back to Amelia to document this year’s concours. Often in the videos I share, there’s some questionable decisions being made: Uninteresting edits, holding waaaayyy too long on a shot of an empty track, or—perhaps most noticeably—bizarre music selections like contemporary pop music over 1950s race footage. Justin clearly demonstrates that it is possible to make the right decisions. Of course, when the GT40 is a featured marque, there’s little need for more of a soundtrack than that. When the music does kick in several minutes into the piece, it somehow meshes wonderfully with the animalistic power of the cars and the decidedly more refined nature of the event itself.

50 years of GT40. 50 years of Lamborghini. 50 Years of Corvette Stingray. A special tribute to Ducati. I’m glad that Justin was there to let those of us who were foolish enough not to attend tag along.

10 responses to “Born of a Blue Sky: GT40s and More at Amelia”

  1. Captain Ned says:

    Several thoughts, beyond “what a great film”:

    Wonder if the total value on display exceeded $1 billion?

    How do you drive a big-block MK4 GT40 on that grass and not tear it all to hell?

  2. Mandy Alvarez says:

    What can I say!
    Thank you
    You are the best

  3. Robert E. Richer says:

    Oh boy, what a work of art. I can almost smell it!

  4. Skeeters says:

    Wish I had a better Vimeo down load speed. Your film is automotive art. Is there a DVD of your your work available? Two thumbs up!

  5. John Dingivan says:

    Great film. Amelia was the best ever this year. Your film was a great reminder of all the cars we saw. Keep up the great work.

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