Breaking All the Rules

Kiwanas GP at Riverside program coverEverything I thought I knew about motoring poster design has been called into question. Through my looks at program covers and poster designs in previous posts, I’d thought I was narrowing in on a formula for perfection in racing graphic design. I didn’t have the exact equation worked out, but the highlights were: Illustrated not photographed; no giant sponsorship or sanctioning body logos; make the racing cars (not the text) the center of attention.

Whelp, Looks like it’s back to the drawing board for me. Following my previous sensibilities, this program for the 1959 Kiwanas-sponsored race at Riverside shouldn’t work at all. But it’s just beautiful.

2 responses to “Breaking All the Rules”

  1. Mike Jacobsen says:

    Not bad! Dick Morgensen’s Testa Rossa! I have a stack of ’50s programs, the art on the covers is all m ediocre and many of them re-use the same drawing.

  2. TomF says:

    Nice grid: Rule of Thirds, with a clear hierarchy of read. Simple color scheme. And a Testa Rossa. What’s not to like?

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