Factories at Work: Stanguellini

The Stanguellini Workshop

Expectations and reality have this way of clashing spectacularly. I always have a dream, a fantastic notion of what something might be like. Then I’ll discover that the actuality of it is far more simple; far more ordinary.

This, though, is one of the thankful exceptions. This space is exactly what I imagine when I think of the etceterini workshops. Seeing a few gorgeous Stanguellinis in various stages of completion only makes the point that much more clear: This was no production line factory. This was hot-rodding.

The Stanguellini Workshop

The rough-hewn post and beam construction of the Stanguellini workshop is in many ways a perfect metaphor for this era of Italian sportscar manufacture. Its cleanliness and bare walls suggest practical engineering and luxurious, uncluttered design. The mottled walls and old stumps to panelbeat against remind us that it was no more sophisticated than a repurposed barn. I think one of the things that draws me to the barchettas of this period was that they so exemplify this perfect marriage of the engineer and the artisan in ways that larger manufacturers struggled to hang on to. They’ve got soul.

Thanks, Wheels of Italy.

6 responses to “Factories at Work: Stanguellini”

  1. Mike Morgan says:

    The reference to “Wheels of Italy” got me very interested. Sounds like a book with similar photographs…but the site appears to go no where…anyone else have any success with the link???


  2. Stanford Smilow says:

    Very good site that you have.

  3. Tom Moran says:

    What a beautiful set of photos and a very insightful commentary. Great discovery!

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