Re-Building Meadowdale

Meadowdale Blueprints

Then again, if our earlier Meadowdale post has you particularly inspired. You could just cut to the chase and buy this available copy of the original blueprints for the track. Grab a few friends, a few shovels, a bulldozer or two, and a whole lot of asphalt. Call me when you’re done.

Illustration of Meadowdale's Monza WallIf contemporary blueprints had more of these charming illustrations in the corners, we might be able to get more interesting work through planning boards.

3 responses to “Re-Building Meadowdale”

  1. RudyD says:

    It’s not that it hasn’t been built, it’s that (imho) Jesse has taken a freakin’ long time to release the track. I appreciate his attention to detail, but when he announced it I’ve release about 4 tracks and Longford (another classic track in Australia) has already long been released.

  2. RudyD says:

    Philrob built the first driveable sim version of Meadowdale. For Rfactor.

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