Patented “Safety-Shoulders”

Bred from the tires that triumph on the track…the Dunlop Road Speed RS5

This is the highway equivalent of the famous Dunlop R5 racint tire…the tire that has carried more International Grand Prix racing champions to victory than any other tire.

The Road Speed RS5 take sustained speeds up to 130 mph in stride, with superb steering control and road-holding traction. On wet pavement, the RS5 more than holds it own, with hi-styrene polymers in the rubber compound contributing maximum wet-hold capability. Patented “Safety-Shoulders” carry the tire smoothly over shoulder ridges, highway dividers and give the tire added traction in high speed cornering. Low angle prime nylon ply construction keeps a tight grip on the tire crown at high speeds…keeps the flat 7-rib tread hugging the road through every driving maneuver.

If you drive a high-speed sports car or fast saloon and want to capitalize on both its performance potential and everyday serviceability…the Dunlop Road Speed RS5 is the tire for you. Try a set…at your nearest Dunlop dealer. You’ll find him in your Yellow Pages or write.

Dunlop Tire and Rubber Corporation. Buffalo 5, New York.

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