SoCal Road Racing Home Movie Bonanza!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love when home movies of races make it out of the attic and onto the web.

Here’s a perfect example: 15 minutes of footage from Willow Springs, Torrey Pines, Santa Barbara, Pebble Beach, Chino, Paramount Ranch, Pomona, and Riverside. Throw in some bonus shots of ’64 Sebring and this is a fantastic taste of 10 of the best years in American sports car racing. Hallelujah!

Ready for more than a taste of these races? Check out the John McClure Archive.

2 responses to “SoCal Road Racing Home Movie Bonanza!”

  1. rdsieber says:

    Great stuff! What a find – thanks for posting this.

  2. Mike Jacobsen says:

    Too bad much of the Willow footage is overexposed. The Pebble Beach footage is the best; Dick van Laanen tours the course in the Singer Spl to open this segment; my Dad goes by at 4.08 in our MG Magnette #99 (which will be auctioned at Monterey next week by current owner Don Martine). MJ

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