Ebay Find: 4-Cam Porsche Engine

It’s not often that a Porsche 4-cam pops up in my occasional Ebay Motors searches, but here it is. She looks like a miraculously beautiful sculpture.

Assembled by Porsche restoration specialist, Paul Willison, the engine is claimed to turn 169 HP and 150 ft. lbs. of torque on the dyno after raw assembly with no performance tuning. The engine’s current owner seems have sold off his RS60 before the engine was completed. So here she sits on the stand with zero miles.

$170,000 opening bid is no small change, but would be worth it just for the sound.

More photos on the Ebay listing.

4 responses to “Ebay Find: 4-Cam Porsche Engine”

  1. Ted Sodergen says:

    Why do I want this so badly? I have absolutely NO use for it, but I’d love to own it. Maybe because it looks so audacious.

  2. rdsieber says:

    It wasn’t that long ago that these were going for $50K-$70K. $170K is quite optimistic.

  3. Fred says:

    That’s a lot of money for 210hp. Guess that’s why I don’t drive Porsches.

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