Part of the Ferrari Factory

This is not an ordinary Shell station.

It’s part of the Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy.


Because Enzo Ferrari won’t permit any gasoline but Super Shell in the cars that leave his factory.

Try Super Shell yourself and see why.

3 responses to “Part of the Ferrari Factory”

  1. Glide says:

    My favorite Ferrari has always been the 250/275 LM…great lines. Would like to see one of these at my local Shell station!

  2. Chris Kleckner says:

    One problem I have with their new advertising is their addition of Nitrogen.
    The gas is non-combustible in its elemental form and is a major contributor to smog in the form of its oxides.
    What could possibly be the advantage(s) to that??

  3. LorenzoLancista says:

    Why ? because of his Frienship with Bernhard von Lippe Bisterfeld. Same applies to KONI.

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