All the Way from California to Daytona Beach

1967 Union 76 Racing Ad.

1967 SCCA Class C Production Champion Alan Johnson knows that Royal 76 is powerful enough to make a difference.

Alan Johnson and Roger Bursch took no chances on gasoline for their Porsche 911 S in the 1967 American Road Race of Champions.

They took Union Oil’s Royal 76 premium with them—all the way from California to Daytona Beach.

Why Royal 76?

Winner Alan Johnson puts it this way. “Roger and I have experimented with a lot of gasolines in the years we’ve been racing together. We learned by experience that Royal 76 works better—delivers maximum power, mileage and performance.”

Royal 76: a balanced blend of eight powerful fuels—exactly the same gasoline you get at any Union Oil station.

Exactly the same gasoline that won the Can-Am series at Monterey… at Riverside… at Stardust.

Why not try a tankful of championship performance in your car?

2 responses to “All the Way from California to Daytona Beach”

  1. Mike Morgan says:

    I knew Roger Bursch…a little bit. He had a shop in Pasadena where he made his Porsche headers connecting the correct cylinders to get the most performance. I believe that he was the first guy to put together such a system…My friend and I would go there to get pieces for a Speedster that we we, unintentionally, molesting.


  2. Brandon Garabedian says:

    Roger Bursch passed away April 15th, 2014

    Services will be held at Forest Lawn on Monday at 3pm.

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