BMW 2002Tii. Have a Look and a Test-Drive.

Quicker than schnell!

BMW 2002Tii.
Bavarian Motor Works.
Munich, City of the Olympics.

It’s the new BMW 2002Tii. This brilliant new BMW has fuel injection! Come on in and have a look and a test-drive. You’ll have a schnell of a good time.

Car and Driver. March 1970—’The BMW will run the wheels of ANY of the under-$4000 sports cars without half trying.’

Erhard Motor Sales, Inc.
32715 Grand River Avenue, Farmington, Michigan 48024
(313) 477-6400

Nice find, Chromjuwelen.

One response to “BMW 2002Tii. Have a Look and a Test-Drive.”

  1. Captain Ned says:

    Oh how I wanted one, even a 10-year old model, when I got my license in 1980.

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