Maserati A6GCS 2000 c.c. Sport Competizione

I’ve always admired this perfect halfway point between Formula car and American hot rod. It’s just so masterfully stripped of un-necessary bits and so singularly purposeful that I can’t help but admire it as much for her simplicity as the glorious lines of her barely there aluminum bodywork. I can only imagine the joy of popping in to my local sports and racing car dealer and thumbing through the brochure while the proprietor finishes ordering this beauty from Bologna for me.

Doesn’t matter an ounce to me that I can’t read the specs. When it looks this good, who cares abut the specs? Quite simply, the Maserati A6GCS 2000 Sport Competizione is among the most beautiful cars.

Via Forum Auto.

2 responses to “Maserati A6GCS 2000 c.c. Sport Competizione”

  1. Fred says:

    When I think of race cars I think of cars like this.

  2. Mike Jacobsen says:

    I always loved this model, especially with the clam shell style of fenders (not the cycles on this example). Alas, the resolution here is not good enough for me to read most of the specs; on the left is general description (2 seat body, inline 6 motor, etc). On the right it gives gear ratios (a surprising jump from a very low 1st) as 3.58, 1.78, 1.35, 1 :1 and reverse, top speed as 205 KPH, describes the gearbox, shocks and brakes, suspension. The rudge wheel rims are 3.5 x 16 (I think) taking 5.50 X16 tires. Sump holds 15 litres of oil. That’s all I can make out. The profile pix shows the spare tire, while the 3/4 view clearly shows it sits on the gas tank, which is above the drive shaft, which unfortunately caused the death of Lou Brero in Hawaii driving a Chevy engined A6GCS when the shaft came loose and smashed the gas tank setting the car ablaze at 150mph.

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