Silver Arrows to Race Goodwood

Holy crap.

Goodwood has announced that the 2012 Revival’s Grand Prix grid will include a comprehensive field of Silver Arrows. They have confirmed that in appearance and on track will be the Mercedes-Benz W25, W125, W154 and W165, and examples of the Auto Union Type C and Type D racing alongside other period GP cars. Seeing any one of these at speed would be an absolute thrill. That list right there is six of them. SIX! And there’s likely to be more than one of the Auto Unions.

Just stop and let that sink in for a moment. If you’re like me and keep saying, “maybe next year” each time the Revival rolls around. This might be the year to stop procrastinating.

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  1. says:

    I MUST go there this year and I’m sure I will this time 🙂

  2. Tony says:

    Thanks for the poke with a sharp stick. I just booked.

  3. syed says:

    make sure you cite where you get your info from…’s not appropriate to get info and act as you got it first hand….and you guys seem to do this quite a bit.

  4. syed says:

    So cite it. YOU are not the source….their page was.

  5. Harlo says:

    As it says above: “Goodwood has announced”. That’s citing the original source.

  6. Robert E. Richer says:

    I recorded the 125 and 163 at Oulton Park, June 27/28 1958. Collins and Brooks up. In the rain. Collins’ memorable comment: “I am so glad that I have a clean change of underwear back at the hotel.”

  7. syed says:

    it’s amazing to me how you don’t understand the most basic concept of blogging…. this is not as difficult to understand as you are portraying it to be. this is why I removed your site from IEDEI’s blogroll before….because you don’t use the most basic rules of reticulating information.

    • Harlo says:

      Ugh. Arguing on the internet is pointless. I’m sorry we’re not finding common ground here, Syed. I posted information from an official announcement. This wasn’t a scoop that I stole without crediting an investigative reporter.

      I link to source sites frequently and will continue to do so. After all, linking is a benefit to everyone to provide additional information on a topic of all of our interest. It also serves to widen the circle of the blogging community, and for dry, nuts-and-bolts things such as search algorithms.

      I’ll now return this page to the topic at hand: these arrestingly beautiful and important racing machines (something I feel pretty confident we can agree on). Syed, if you’d like to continue this conversation, please email me at

  8. Robert E. Richer says:

    I learned about this event through your blog. Not from a Goodwood press release. I don’t much care from whence your info comes…it was news to me, and I am grateful.

  9. mike says:

    Those are GREAT news!! to bad I still don’t know If I’ll be able to get my vacations on late september…

  10. Heath says:

    @ syed.

    No need to be a jerk. No one wants to read your complaints in the discussion session. If you have a problem, send an e-mail and spare the rest of us.

  11. Robert E. Richer says:


  12. RudyD says:

    Syed, Harlo did mention where the info was coming from and if you want to f*ck commas (as we say here in Europe), please do it somewhere else. Getting this info – and spreading it – is appreciated. It’s what the Web was created for, not being anal about copyrights.

  13. says:

    @Syed: load of t*sh, I’d say, the silver arrows announcement a wide-spread fact, Goodwood published it themselves with reason, it wasn’t it to be known to the world.. No need for anal source citings other than: “Goodwood announced” and no need to change this either..

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