Giorgio Oppici’s BMW Motorrad

I’ve watched this Giorgio Oppici tribute to BMW several times, and each time I pause and silently digest what a glorious set of images I’ve taken in… And then I pick up my jaw and watch it again.

The advent of affordable high definition video cameras and dSLRs has been a boon to the world of web video. I’m not about to claim that it’s just the quality of the gear that makes it possible—Oppicci would have doubtless been an astoundingly good cinematographer with nothing but a pinhole camera; but putting affordable high-quality gear in the hands of more filmmakers lets them better realize their vision and push the outer edges of the craft’s potential.

Simply gorgeous work.

8 responses to “Giorgio Oppici’s BMW Motorrad”

  1. Darren says:

    An amazing video and some very interesting quirks…..the sliding specialized tool storage is awesome and i love the greasy hand reaching for the sandwich. We have all done that haha

  2. Edmund says:

    Ah, cafe racer. My new obsession.

  3. Robert E. Richer says:

    An absolute work of art!

  4. Rodolfo Querzoli says:

    Even if I am a Moto Guzzi fan (and I own some of them), I appreciate the standing quality of the the images (and of the bikes).

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