Let’s Take a Spin with Juan Manuel

It doesn’t matter an ounce that Fangio’s Alfetta doesn’t move an inch from it’s starting position for the first minute in this clip of Monza from Hugh Hudson’s film, Fangio.

Want the complete film? Make yourself a snack; strap on your cotton helmet; and enjoy.

4 responses to “Let’s Take a Spin with Juan Manuel”

  1. Fred says:

    I love the looks of open wheel cars from this era.

  2. Robert E. Richer says:

    Absolutely spectacular! Fabulous editing. What a treat.

  3. Wow. In car footage with Fangio at the wheel. This is a very special treat. My thanks.

  4. ed snova says:

    The pitstops! Hitting the knockoffs with an actual hammer! Priceless!

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