Fibreglass Body Shells £49

The STILETTO, shown trimmed. Body widths: Front 54 in. Rear, 53in. Also the SCIMITAR, identical design, wheelbase 6ft. 1 in. to 6 ft. 5 in.

Fibreglass Body Shells £49. Bare shell, untrimmed. For wheelbases of 6ft. 11 in. to 6ft. 9in.

Kits for experimental work or body repairs: 12/6, 17/6, 28/6, and 45/-.

The Mistral

£58. Bare shell untrimmed. Designed for Space-Frame or Twin-Tube-type chassis of 7ft. 3in. to 7 ft. 6 in. wheelbase.

Dept. MS7.
Micron Plastics (Microplas LTD.)
Block N. The James Estate, Western Road. Mitcham, Surrey
Telephone: Mitcham 4407

9 responses to “Fibreglass Body Shells £49”

  1. Mike Jacobsen says:

    The lower shell is the “Mistral” which was used by several specials here on the West Coast in the ’50s–I recall especially a pretty MG spl. built by Bob Plass, and a 375 MM Ferrari owned by the Arciero Bros. (I think an ex-Parravano car.) The original Scaglietti Spyder body weighed 200 lbs more!

  2. Roberto says:

    Anyone can give me information on the Toledo model of Microplas. I’m restoring a Toledo (Ford engine).

  3. Simon Lang says:

    I have owned and built a Toledo over the last 22 years and am still looking for original documentation on the company. I have the advert you show with the Stilleto and Mistral and several copies of copies of others. If you have more from this search i would gladly swap copies.

    • Roberto says:

      I’m restoring one Toledo, but I could not find documentation of the Microplas company about it.
      If you want I can send you some photos of my car. Best regards. Roberto

      • Simon Lang says:

        Yes that would be good Roberto. I could send you pictures of my Microplas. But how do we do that here? A picture of mine is on Google images it is the white one not the green one.

      • Roberto says:

        I agree to exchange email and thank you if you can.
        For the moment I send on your email some pictures of my Toledo.

      • Simon Lang says:

        Yes- I agree to share my e-mail with Roberto. Looking forward to seeing those pictures and old adds

  4. Harlo says:

    Roberto. Simon.

    If you’d like, I can pass your email addresses to eachother. It saves publishing them here where they could be exploited by potential spammers but gives you a chance to exchange images. If you want, I’d love to be kept in the loop. These kinds of collaborations between readers is exactly the kind of thing I love featuring on the blog as projects mature.

    Sound ok?

    Seriously guys, I want to see pics of your Toledos. So send those photos my way too


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