A Tiger on the Road

He wanted a Fiat Spider.

She wanted a Fiat “600”.

They got them both (and saved a garageful of money!)

The FIAT 1200 SPIDER is all the car a man could want. A tiger on the road. Stunning Italian style by Pinin Farina. Careful Italian craftsmanship in every detail. A humming 1221 cc. engine that delivers plenty of zip and about 27 miles a gallon. Roll-up windows, plenty of legroom, tuck-away soft top and optional hard top too, if you want it. Best of all, a price tag that lets you drive it instead of dream about it—only $2595. (And it’s the only car also available with the winging new version of a famous 1.5 liter racing engine! WHOOSH!)

The FIAT 600 is everyone’s ideal car, perfect for scooting to the supermaket, dropping the kids off at school, or taking the whole family to grandma’s for the weekend. It parks in spaces that don’t look big enough for a bike. Delivers about 40 miles a gallon. Includes almost $300 worth of accessories at no extra charge. And costs only $1398—about $200 less than the leading French and German imports.

Spider or 600, a FIAT will keep your family happy. Your budget, too. Try either one tomorrow. Better yet, try both.

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