Porsche 917s Are Tiny: Part 2

Yet again, I’m flabbergasted by how small this giant of a racing machine is. Its reputation, its power, its mystique all manage to make it something enormous in my mind. When we see it next to a car we know, however, it’s true diminutive stature reveals itself. It just seems so impossible to me that it’s really this small; particularly when it’s the wearing the livery of the Hans Herrmann/Richard Attwood 1970 LeMans winning example as shown here in the Porsche Museum’s workshop.

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  1. wsk says:

    Frames were either aluminum (104 lb) or magnesium alloy (93 lb). Incredible!

  2. john says:

    i was at the porsche museum in 2010 prior to the le mans classic and the attwood 917 was in at porsche classic getting ready , lucky for me i was able to talk my way in and see up close and sit in this car . just fantastic

  3. Alex says:

    Saw one of the Gulf 917s at the Monterey Historics in 2003. I was not ready for how small she was. I had to do a double take, because at first glance I thought it was a kit car. They really are a tiny car; couldn’t imagine trying to drive one on the street.

  4. Harlo says:

    Fantastic story, John! Care to share any more details on how you were able to sweet-talk your way behind the wheel?

  5. advtracing says:

    I own a few Porsche and run early911nz.org , i asked to meet the contact for porsche classic as i was after info on my cars and access to the archive,after meeting the contact and a discussion over a coffee i ask him straight up if i could get in and see the cars(917 and 911 gt1 ) up close and he happly agreed , i have been in contact with him since for factory info

  6. Nine17 says:

    The Porsche Museum 917K shown is 917-001 bodied and painted as a replica of the Hermann/Attwood 1970 Le Mans-winning car. The actual 1970 24 Hours Porsche-Salzburg car, 917-023, is owned by Dr. Julio Palmaz of Napa, California.

  7. Harlo says:

    Thanks for the clarification, Nine17. Correcting the post now. I bet Porsche regrets letting that one out of their hands.

  8. Luc Ghys says:

    917-023 was recently sold to Carlos Monteverde and is now in the UK.

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