Phil’s 212

For Sale

My 212 Ferrari… In perfect tune and in showroom condition

Top Speed… 130 mph • 0 to 60…7.5 sec. • 0 to 100 mph…16sec. • Perfectly behaved in city traffic (getting 20 mpg) • Road tested in Nov. ’52 issue of Road and Track • Price…$7,800.

Write or phone Phil Hill, 5670 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood 28, HEmpstead 3165

2 responses to “Phil’s 212”

  1. Cando says:

    Ever get the feeling that you were born 60 years too late? 😉

  2. Mike Jacobsen says:

    Yeah, I wanted it. But it was bought by Howard Wheeler, who had previously raced a n XK 120 Jag. Wheeler raced the Barchetta for three years, then switched to an OSCA. I was standing immediately behind the Ferrari at tech inspection at the first Santa Barbara races, labor day 1953, when Wheeler started the car and blew wet carbon dust on my new blue denim trousers. I wouldn’t let my mother wash them for months.

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