Ginther and GT40 for Shell

Finally! I have been looking for this commercial for years; occasionally running a variety of searches on YouTube in case it’s been uploaded. In August it finally made its way online. Many, many thanks to Richie Ginther’s son Bret, who says:

“I found a few 16mm reels from my dad’s archives and had them converted to digital. This is an undated (ca 1966?) era commercial my father did for Shell oil. The true jewel in this is hearing the Ford GT with my dad piloting it. I hope you enjoy this clip. I have uploaded another Shell commercial of same era with a triple endoresement. Enjoy.”

Here’s another of Brett’s uploads from the Ginther Archives featuring Luigi Chinetti, Ginther, and Jim Hall: also for Shell:

5 responses to “Ginther and GT40 for Shell”

  1. Jon Wojan says:

    Nice “racing” loafers at 0:22. Man, safety equipment has come a long way!

  2. Kevin K says:

    I am always looking for what I call the Gulf “ping knock funny noise commercial. It has a early trans-am mustang going around The Bridge I believe. Very exciting!

  3. Captain Ned says:

    Definitely the small-block early GT40. No Ford 427 ever made a high-pitched noise like that.

  4. Peterw11 says:

    I’ve been looking for these ads for years as well. IIRC, there’s also one with Phil Hill and the Chaparral 2D coupe, and one with Graham Hill and a Ford GT.

    I distinctly remember Chaparral ad featured the distinctive crackle of it’s full race Chevy engine at idle.

  5. Dave Hotaling says:

    Still looking for the commercial where Richie Ginther gets into the GT-40 and boils the tires, the caption was, this car does 97 m.p.h., in first gear! Haven’t seen it since it was new in 1964/65. I think the thread was that it had a Ford Indy 4-cammer in it, true or not, has anyone else seen it or remember it? Or the Chrysler engineer talking performance and the camera pans left over his shoulder and the Little Red Wagon (fuel injected not blown) wheelies up and rockets away. Someone’s got to have all these great outrageous factory car commercials. Might make a great segment for Leno’s garage show.

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