Pedro Leads the Pack

Dan from Karting Archives sent over this marvelous photo of Pedro Rodriguez leading a Mexican kart race. Just look at the spectators! Something tells me that the karting dress code has (unfortunately) relaxed in the years since this amazing shot was captured. Their attire makes this looks very much like a country club event. Who votes we start replacing the back 9 with a kart track?

Update: Over on The Chicane’s Facebook page, Luc Ghys pointed out this marvelous pair of articles from a Mexican Magazine from 1960 chronicling the karting championship and Pedro’s participation. Thanks, Luc!

3 responses to “Pedro Leads the Pack”

  1. Kevin York says:

    I do! Count my vote twice! I’ve been silently preaching golf course to kart track conversion for years!!! Great photo; thank you for sharing it!

  2. Kurt says:

    The idea of a Karting Country Club came to fruition several years ago when the Motorsports Country Club of Cincinnati opened. Multiple track configurations, clubhouse, onsite kart storage and a pro shop. No golf on the premises, just motorsport fun.

  3. Steve says:

    MCC’s web site –
    Worth a look.

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