05/14/11 – Hunnewell Hill Climb & Rally – Wellesley, MA

2 responses to “05/14/11 – Hunnewell Hill Climb & Rally – Wellesley, MA”

  1. Jon says:

    Is this off of route 16?
    I would like to attend.
    I live in South Natick

  2. Tom Rockett says:

    My Dad and I happened upon the hill climb event back in the late 70’s Dad and I both loved seeing all the cars-I remember a cream colored Allard and a Messerschmidt 3 wheel car racing up the hill. As a teen friends and I would go skinnydipping in the lake and park on pond road right by the starting line.Back then I drove my grandmas old 69 Chevy Caprice with a 327 in it- not exactly suited for the hill climb but I wish I still had it.

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