Track Map of the Past: Elkhart Lake

I’m sure if we catalog everything wonderful about yesterday’s track maps—of which this map of the 1952 Elkhart Lake street course is a perfect example—we could come up with some tips for contemporary track map designers. I would definitely add a few items from this map to the list. The cartoon cars traveling the track for one. The illustrations of people enjoying the recreation on and near the track. the isometric angles with the sketches of prominent landmarks (like the Blatz grain elevator in this map) that can be identified by people at the venue for orienteering purposes. The duotone color palettes. The variation in line-weight. I could go on. Absolutely marvelous.

Hey track map designers! Take your hand off the mouse; turn off AutoCAD; and pick up a brush.

Of course, part of my affinity for this particular map might be my love of Elkhart Lake in general. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad race weekend there. Just looking at this map makes me long for a Spotted Cow at the Siebken’s bar.

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  1. John says:

    The Chicago Region played an important part in Road America.
    The link above is to Autopuzzles and it shows Ben Harris throwing the checkered flag in the Inaugural Race at the new track.

    We posted earlier in the topic area of the Golden Gate race in California, if anyone has further pictures of Ben officiating for the SCCA, AAA or the FIA, please tell us;

    You might enjoy reading an incomplete and rough story of the futuristic exotic car Ben built in 1935.
    The Harris fwd Speedster.

    We hope to gather more info besides the 16 races Ben officiated at for the SCCA, to eventually submit him to the SCCA Hall of Fame for Induction.
    Thanks guys,

  2. Al Ribskis says:

    A big ‘ Yes ‘ to all of the above ! I have enjoyed so many trips to RA, had the
    pleasure of buzzing my MGB around the old course; ( only thing I might add :
    at Siebken’s, one may wish to get ‘ Jagermeistered ! )

    Thank you

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