Clark Takes a Drive Through Bologna

Matt at Hell For Motors hipped us to this marvelous clip of Clark at Imola. The lack of audio is heartbreaking, but you’ll make it through somehow.

A local commenter on YouTube points out what should be obvious, but always seems to be overlooked: How startlingly different from the modern Imola this is—which has just undergone another round of updates in the past few years. Much more like a drive in the country than the contemporary, sterile, track. When does the movement to backdate racetracks start? Where can I sign up to help?

2 responses to “Clark Takes a Drive Through Bologna”

  1. Automobiliac says:

    Great video! I agree with you, it’s amazing to see how much Imola has changed…But some of the buildings you see in the background are totally still there today! Imola is really a great track. It’s a shame it keeps getting further ruined each year.

  2. nigel says:

    This video is part of the John Tate Gentlemans Racing Diary, where his son narrates the information of the day. Fantastic record of how things were.

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