Complex Magazine’s 50 Greatest Racing Liveries

7 responses to “Complex Magazine’s 50 Greatest Racing Liveries”

  1. They talked about the 908’s but put up the wrong picture. I wasn’t totally convinced, there were a few blatant misses. The Cunningham team is a huge one, so is the Rob Walker livery, the Matras….

  2. Misc. says:

    Rob Walker livery? Meh, blue car with a white stripe on its nose. Chapparals? Just white cars. Petty’s car and the the Sunoco colors trump both on a list like this.

    FYI the Targa Florio livery was submitted but edited out for whatever reason.

  3. Captain Ned says:

    Also missing the mid-’80s Canon Williams F1 cars as well as the 1967 Lotus 49 in national colors.

  4. John McClure says:

    GREAT photos! As I may have said before, I owned the first Austin-Healey in the U.S., which I bought from Walt Warren who brought it to the U.S., to publish a review on it in Road and Track. Ah, those were the days!!

  5. i give this mainstream US-based consumer mag credit for attempting, though- i might have expected this from a UK-based mag. ‘A’ for effort.

  6. Adam says:

    That is an okay list. I would’ve taken Earnhardt’s Wrangler car over the black one. And no love for drag racing? What about Sox & Martin?

  7. seansverige says:

    Not gonna moan too much as it’s a US based style mag, so doing a top 50 pretty impressive.

    Some shocking omissions (Porsche in particular), and inclusions too: the camel landies, is that really a livery or just a colour? (ditto Ferrari)

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