Somebody Always Wants to Ruin a Good Thing

6 responses to “Somebody Always Wants to Ruin a Good Thing”

  1. rich says:

    Details, please!

    I don’t want to search, as I will find the answer.

    But I want to know why it went to court?! I haven’t heard anything until now. It seems like I’m out of the loop.

    • Harlo says:

      The driver wanted to out himself as The Stig in his autobiography, BBC fought him on it, which is why this came out in court. It’s a short lived revelation, as he’ll no doubt NOT be The Stig for next season.

  2. rich says:

    it’s a him!? 😉


  3. rick c says:

    He’s Stig #2, original wore a black suit and helmet. By outing himself in an autobiography he had to break a confidentiality agreement he signed as part of his deal with Top Gear. I guess the search will be on for Stig #3, my vote would go to Sabine Schmit, the master of the Nürburg-Ring who’s been on the show a few times. She’s an amazingly fast driver.

  4. a commenter on another blog pointed out what a waste it would be to hide sabine away behind a racing suit and full-visored helmet..

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