Barchetta Party

Veloce Today has a brilliant write-up of Le Mitiche Sport a Bassano event. What a marvelous collection of barchettas braving the difficult weather this year to follow the Calmonte brothers’ original vision for a barchetta tour through the Italian Alps. Veloce Today contributor Dino Brunori and his son entered their Nardi 750, and it looks like a marvelous time was had by all. Brunori is definitely who you want to ride with when you’re travelling in a Nardi, his biography of Enrico Nardi, A Fast Life, is a definitive compendium of the marque.

Don’t scoff at the mere 250 miles the event covers. It may not be the Mille, but it’s some of the most remarkable cars traversing some of the most beautiful countryside the world has to offer. The limit of 100 cars on entries, and the specialization of the event make me think that this decidedly low-key event might be even better than the larger and more well-known classic rallies.

Click on over for the story and gorgeous photos.

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