Racing Ads of the Past: Ernie McAfee

Come on down to Ernie McAfee’s for everything you need for the races. Helmets, just like the pros use: $30. Add a visor to that for a sawbuck. Or perhaps you’re in the market for something bigger. Why not test drive the brand new Siata V8. It’s sure to impress the ladies and only $4995. Motor on down to 8363 Sunset, and tell ’em The Chicane sent ya.

(Naturally this location is now a Starbucks.. typical)

3 responses to “Racing Ads of the Past: Ernie McAfee”

  1. elad says:

    Starbucks… bummer

    Big fan of Ernie, own a couple of his ex cars, think he is a generally underrated sports car pioneer of the first order. Ernie seems to have done more and achieved more for the cause in 5 years of sports car activism, then others did in a lifetime.

    Someone should at leas put a small plaque nest to the Starbucks, so the next generations can know and appreciate the sports car culture of southern Cali.

    How long before all first-hand observers are no longer with us, who will tell the story then??


  2. john clevenger says:

    i have an algat roadster a 1/4 midget type car that has a tag onthe dash that says modifications by ernie mcafee eng. co. does anyone have any information or any knowledge of this car?

  3. Tack says:

    Dear Elad,

    My husband owns a car of Ernie Mc Afee as well.The Siata 208 Spider.
    Would you have info on him which could be of any importance to us.
    You may send it to my email
    Thank you,

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