Help Solve a Goodwood Mystery

Goodwood Mystery LeMans StartThe sleuths on the Autosport Nostalgia Forum have bitten into another mystery. Some early 60’s color photos from a handful of race meetings at Goodwood have surfaced from the collection of a former mechanic. Any other group of appreciators might be happy to just enjoy these excellent shots of an excellent track. But the Nostalgia Forum contributors are no mere appreciators, they are scholars and archivists of the highest order.

From this smattering of photos found by the granddaughter of Brit Pierce, the mechanic in question, the forum has sussed out that there are at least two and possibly three race meetings photographed here. Now they want to determine which race weekends they were. Every detail, from the obvious car makes and racing numbers, to the subtle magnified nameplates on transporters, offers a clue. They have already identified many of the cars and drivers, and even recognized bystanders in the pits, and another piece snaps into place. And just what does that transporter peeking out from behind the Ecurie Ecosse team transporter say along the top? It’s a wonderful puzzle. One that I’m happy to watch unfold.

Know your Goodwood? Check out all the photos and lend a hand. But hurry if you want to be involved. If I know The Nostalgia Forum, it won’t be long before the race weekends are known, the winning drivers identified, and an amusing story about post-race pints at the bar will be shared.

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