Have You Been Good This Year?

You’ll have to have been mighty good to find this under your tree in a couple of weeks. Audi has created an incredibly well realized pedal car version of the Auto Union Type C. The Silver Arrows were unparalleled in their innovation, Grand Prix success, and—in the opinion of this blogger—aesthetic virtue. Although the ferocious anticipation over the Auto Union Type D offered, and subsequently pulled, from last years Salon Rétromobile auction has died down. Don’t fret, you can still park an Auto Union of sorts in your garage; and it’s (almost) affordable.

The aluminum body is outfitted with leather upholstery and steering wheel, hydraulic disc brakes, and a 7 speed transmission. The chain drive of course means it won’t be matching the 1936 Type C’s record of 10 Grand Prix wins, but at 1:2 scale, it still makes quite an impression. Having been release last year with a run of only 999 examples, it’s likely that you’ll have a very difficult time finding one—although surely easier than finding an authentic Type C.

One response to “Have You Been Good This Year?”

  1. Paul Chenard says:

    I actually need one of these … it’s a health issue …

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