Automotive Art of the Incredibly Prolific Rob Ijbema

Welsh painter, Rob Ijbema, maintains an remarkably prolific blog of his automotive paintings at his Car-A-Day site. His work is quite varied, from watercolors to pen sketches and everything in between. Rob’s subject matter is pretty evenly split between historic racers and modern Formula 1, with a bit of road cars and rally thrown in for good measure. I particularly like his watercolors of early racers of the likes of Fangio and Moss. There’s so much abstraction in some areas of the work that it’s almost an optical illusion when you take in the wider piece and see the level of detail hinted at by seemingly random dashes of color and line—Virtually impressionistic in execution. The best thing about Rob’s blog is that you can wade through two years of near daily work and revel in the shear breadth of work. Many of the works are marked “sold”, but I don’t readily see a link to his representing gallery, but perhaps you can buy one for yourself if you drop him an email. This is definitely a site to keep tabs on.

Be sure to check out his “Demo’s” section for a bit of insight into his process as he works through a painting. Excellent stuff.

2 responses to “Automotive Art of the Incredibly Prolific Rob Ijbema”

  1. rob ijbema says:

    wish i could paint as well as you make it sound!
    it looks great!

  2. Paul Chenard says:

    Rob’s stuff is gorgeous … I’m very jealous!
    Good for you for featuring him.

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