Take Me to the Track: the Joy of Transporters

Thanks to the photos that have popped up of the complete RAI team and transporter at this years’ Pebble Beach, there’s been quite a lot of interest in transporters lately. The Scarab transporter is exceedingly lovely, and re-sparked my interest in the cars that carry our racing cars to the track. Here’s a handful of the better that I’ve seen lately..

First, the Fiat-made Scarab team transporter.

Next, the iconic Porsche Team transporter, a converted Mercedes city bus used by the team from 1968-1969.

I don’t know the team, but this photo is just magic.

And I absolutely LOVE the idea of these brave souls and their VW Transporter Transporters. It’s a brave heart that trusts their Lotus 49 to the homemade brackets welded onto the back of the bed of this one; Peter Lovely, my hat is off to you, sir.

Here’s another in the VW vein. excellent canvas hoop-topper for the bed here.

    for more Transporters on the web:

  • the mighty Bring a Trailer caught a few shots of the Scarab transporter pulling into the Monterey Historics.
  • Ultimate Car Pages has a couple of shots of the Scarab team as well.
  • There’s a HUGE discussion of historic transporters and hundreds of photos in a thread at the Atlast F1 Forums.

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