Heuer Racing Equipment

Heuer Brochure cover

Heuer Carrera adSure, Tag Heuer still markets their watches—particularly the Carrera and Monaco—with racing imagery, but they’re far more likely to do so with famous faces than by evoking the spirit of motor racing. With these older catalogs I can project myself into the race car. Today’s marketing angle seems to be, “Be like Leonardo DiCaprio, buy a Tag-Heuer”.

Autodromo’s New Movement

We’ve been singing the praises of the aesthetic of Autodromo’s offerings for a while now. They wonderfully marry the sleek sophistication that so appeals to wrist watch aficionados with the purposeful elegance of motorsport. The world of vintage motoring has certainly embraced the endeavor. Some watch snobs though, have been less enthusiastic in throwing their support behind a piece with Quartz movement.

I’m guessing that with their latest release, Autodromo has silenced those naysayers. The limited edition Monoposto is not only marvelously designed and gorgeously detailed—I love the heavily threaded reinforcement on the strap— it is also Autodromo’s first watch with automatic mechanical movement.

Like all of Autodromo’s wristwatches, the references to motorsport are evident but not gaudy. The subtlety of their range is perhaps what I’m most drawn to. There’s no tacky racing graphics here. But those that are in the know will instantly see the sporting references in the design and execution of them.

More information at the Autodromo store and at Automobiliac. Bradley tells me that they can still ship for Christmas if you order today. Get on it!