Bare Shell with High Surface Finish

Toledo Fiberglass Sportsca Body Ad

The Microbond Fibreglass Body Shell £49!!!

Dimensions: Wheelbase…….. 6ft. 9in.
Front body width…………. 4ft. 9in.
Rear body width………….. 4ft. 4in.

Suitable for Austin Specials.

Inspection invited at our works, Mondays to Fridays and Saturday mornings up to 1 p.m.

Bare shell with high surface finish, untrimmed, in the following colours: Red, Green, White, Black or Blue — £49.

Extras available include interior wheel arches, mounting tubes, doors, etc. Send for details. Other models in the course of preparation.

Kits for experimental work or bodywork repairs: 12/6, 17/6, 28/6, and 45/-.

Bulk material prices on application. Trade supplied.

Micron Plastics (Dept. MS 4).
Harefield Road, Rickmansworth, Herts
Tel.: 3312

The Body of the Magic Touch

The Fantastic Bocar XP-5

Square tubular space frame for springs $795.00

Round 4130 chrome-moly space frame for torsion bars $995.00

The body of the magic touch…. $598

Finished cars from …. $3800

Aerodynamic to 200 M.P.H. · Beautiful — Functional · Spacious Interiors · Optional Hardtops · 7 Optional Suspension Systems · Available for Immediate Delivery.

Designed, Manufactured & Distributed by — Bocar of Denver. Write or Phone:

Bocar Mfg. Co. 1240 Harlan Street, Dept. MT4. Denver, Colorado, BElmont 7-2217