Lotus Elite: This is the World

Lotus Elite Ad

Lotus Elite
This is the World
1216cc of Aluminum OHC Coventry Climax Engine pumping out 120 MPH, 10 sec. acceleration times—35 to 40 MPG — All in the same car!!! Six-Footers stretch out, the trunk carries a golf bar, or two suitcases — All in the same car!!! the most beautiful car in the World. 30 MPH corners at 45, fantastic braking, a “modified car with a roof on it” — All in the same car!!! And the above is all standard equipment at 4780 POE. For the man who owned an MGTC in 1947, a Jaguar 120 Coupe in 1952, a Porsche in 1953, or an Alfa in 1956. Here is your Advanced World of Motoring — The race bred Lotus Elite……

Exclusive Agents for Southern California, Arizona and Utah
Bob Challham. Ecurie Shirlee Corporation
Showrooms and Service Facilities: 2301 Sepulveda Boulevard, Manhattan Beach, California

Available thru only the finest imported car centers.

Lotus: The blood line is racing. The breed is speed.

The Joys of Lotus Motoring

Lotus Ad in BARC Gazette, 1961

Begone Dull Care!

Let the spirited Elite introduce you to the joys of Lotus motoring, derived from unique specification: glass-reinforced plastic unitary construction all independent suspension, four wheel disc brakes, Coventry Climax 1214 cc power unite. Lotus Elite – LeMans 1960— 1300 cc class First, Index of Thermal Efficiency First. Manufactured and distributed by: LOTUS Cars Ltd. Delamare Road, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. Telephone Waltham Cross 26181.

Wow. Now there’s an unformatted pile of text that is very difficult to make any sense of. I can only imagine that this was dictated over the phone to the advertising editor at the BARC Gazette and just transcribed and keylined in. It looks almost like a telegram of the ad’s copy.

Let’s just concentrate on those lovely lines of the Elite’s bodywork instead. There, that’s better.

Relieving any Maidenly Tensions

The Elite Is Not Delivered Race-Ready

Contrary to some delightfully flattering folk tales, the Elite is not delivered race-ready. This myth arises, no doubt, from the factory practice of road driving each new car. By the same token, these factory jaunts do have virtues and one should not be deceived by the fresh, virginal appearance of a new Elite.

Colin Chapman’s crews have a bit of a go with each new one. It’s rather an old world tradition. nothing beats an English country road for relieving any maidenly tensions that might inhibit a new machine, and wilful tendencies can be discovered and corrected before they become evil habits.

The Chapman suspension has been thoroughly scrunched and wiggled till it carries through fast corners on all fours with the tenacious grace one expects from a Lotus. The overhead cam Coventry Climax gets a thorough-going physical on the test bench even before it goes into the car, and on the road the Girling discs get a brisk exercising along with the clutch gearbox combo to assure a proper assortment of changes.

In short, a new Elite has had at least a taste of the fast heel and toe work that lies ahead in high speed touring or prize competition. To the owner we leave the details of final break-in and the selection of various racing accessories, plus painting on the number. A dandy job for a decorative crew member. And if you do come off a winner, there is a comfortable inside passenger seat to carry off your trophy.

$4,780 in 1958 is about $36,660 today. Damnit.