Mille Miglia 2009 Videos Are Up

It’s only been a few short days since this year’s Mille Miglia and already videos are starting to trickle online. There’s aren’t just quick shoot and post phone-cam videos either. Some of these are quite lovely, like this first short video from Ricky Montalvo. He was able to stake out some of the more interesting areas the Mille passes through—the tiny villages that are ordinarily closed to automotive traffic. These picturesque little towns make for some lovely vantage-points to take in the amazing field of Mille Miglia participants and some excellent atmospheric shots of spectators. Take a look.

Here’s another from Ferrari World that’ll appeal to the Tifosi among us, and also some excellent footage from behind the wheel. Here we follow along on the third leg of the Mille, from Rome to Brescia (the footage shows us passing through Florence and Siena). Fantastic Stuff.

Appropriate since this year’s winners were Carlo and Bruno Ferrari (albeit, driving a Bugatti Type 37).