906 Illustration Brings the Blur

Porsche 906 sketch by Mike Kim

I adore this “sketch” by automotive designer Mike Kim. Bringing the movement and shake and blur that has always been a favorite element of great racing photography to illustration… Now that’s something. Shows you how great it can be when automotive designers take a break from sketching cars of the future and take up their Prismacolors to doodle the machines of the past.

Nice Shot! 914 Rally Car

You don’t often think of the Porsche 914 as a rally car, but this shot from the 2010 Boucles de Spa rally in Belgium shows it’s versatility yet again. She may among the forgotten and unloved Porsches but I’m always impressed by them at vintage races, where they often participate in 4 or 5 different race groups—another sign of their range. This is, after all, a car that finished sixth overall at the 1970 24 Hours of Le Mans, and deserves more props than it gets.

Fantastic bokeh in this shot.

(via Bulgogi Brothers)

Update: Guillaume T has been identified as the photographer. It’s an amazing shot, as are the rest of his photos from the event, which you can find on his Flickr. Thanks Guillaume!