Your Small Piece of Old Number 2, or a GTO

bentley-radiator-cufflinksMost of us will never own a Bugatti Type 35, or a Ferrari GTO, and certainly not the “Old Number 2” Bentley. Each of these models has something in common, examples of each have undergone restoration and had parts replaced. These original parts provide the raw materials for a series of accessories from TMB Art Metal. Thanks to them, we can at least own a small part of these magnificent automobiles.

From Bentley’s famous 1930 Speed Six “Old Number Two”—one of the famous racing cars of all time and part of Bentley’s 1-2 finish in the ’30 LeMans—come these cufflinks. Beautifully sculpted renditions of Old Number 2’s radiator grille and her wheel spinners, these marvelous little cufflinks are actually made of aluminum and bronze melted-down from parts removed from the car during Richard Moss’ 2-year restoration.

Similarly, TMB offers cufflinks made from the melted body panels and other components of a Ferrari GTO, an Aston Martin DB4GT, and a Bugatti 35.

Additionally, this wallet made of leather sourced from the upholstery of a GTO is fantastic. Each one a unique piece of art exhibiting the patina of 40 years of use. Some examples show the diamond pattern found in the under-hood batten, or the smooth pebble texture of the seats; but all have a small representation of the GTO formed from a melted body panel.

I may never be able to sit in a Ferrari GTO, but with this wallet, I can sit on one.