Some Pit Lane in the Boardroom

Monaco Cufflinks. Named for Graham Hill's victory at the 1965 Monaco Grand Prix

All too often when men’s accessory makers attempt to introduce elements of racing into their lines the results are ham-fisted and clunky. We’ve all seen examples of wristwatches or bracelets that are overtly bedazzled with checkered flags or racing stripes or Von Dutchian flames. Eyesores, the lot of ’em.

When I come across a line of vintage racing-inspired accessories that are truly well designed, meticulously executed, and beautifully made, I can just feel my wallet screaming for mercy. In spite of the fact that I have almost no use at all for these gorgeous cufflinks from London silversmiths One Bond Street, I’m just such a sucker for wonderful examples of tasteful nods to historic motorsport.

I’ve struggled to tastefully showcase my own love for vintage racing in the work environment—and I work in an ad agency, where it’s perfectly fine wearing a t-shirt and ripped jeans. I can only imagine how difficult it would be for those that need to wear suits daily. Here’s where those with whiter collars than mine have one up on me. A set of cufflinks with graphics inspired by Graham Hill’s BRM, or Jim Clark’s Lotus 49, or John Surtees’ Honda RA300 are going to look much better when coupled with Hugo Boss than with Levi’s.

Monza Cufflinks. Named for John Surtees' victory at the 1964 Italian Grand PrixSilverstone Cufflinks. Named for Jim Clark's victory at the 1967 British Grand PrixParabolica Cufflinks. Named for John Surtees' victory at the 1967 Italian Grand Prix

Available at One Bond Street. Gorgeous.

via Silodrome.