Race-Bred From a Line of International Successes


3D printing an Aston Martin DB4

Say what you will about the validity/heresy of a replica, I’m going to go ahead and give props to New Zealander Ivan Sentch for embarking on the not-unsubstantial quest of 3D printing an Aston Martin DB4.

Heck, I like it simply as an art object. If he does get her up and running, I’ll be truly impressed.

Complete story and photo gallery at GizMag.

Now where is my copy of 3D Studio Max?

Aston Onboard at LeMans Classic 2008

Back with more LeMans Classic footage, JH was good enough to write in about this marvelous Aston-Martin DB2/4 mixing it up with Masers, Allards and Jags at the Classic in ’08. Thankfully the driver had the video recording early for the running “LeMans Start”. Bring it back!

Even better, they let the video run into the night.. Admittedly not as much to see here, but that’s the point isn’t it: Racing when you can barely even see—when everything disappears and all that exists is the racing line and the upcoming curve.

Build. Race. Win.

Hackett’s Aston Martin Racing Line

Aston-Martin JacketIf this jacket didn’t have the modern Aston-Martin logo on it, I’d already be wearing it. It’s dead solid perfect. Even more than Shell’s Magic of Motoring collection, this year’s clothing collection that classic British menswear label Hackett has created for Aston Martin’s LeMans effort embodies the kind of vintage-racing inspired clothing I’d like to see more of. The Aston Martin Racing Motoplan Jacket is available from Hackett’s online store for £300 alongside the rest of their Aston-Martin line.

The 59 on the chest, of course, commemorates Carroll Shelby and Roy Salvatori’s surprise victory for Aston-Martin in 1959 behind the wheel of a DBR1. This year, Aston is hoping to take outright victory again, and with Audi heavily scaling back it’s racing effort this year, it’ll be their best chance yet.