Fast Women: Jacqueline Evans—Queen of the Carrera Panamericana

She may have never finished higher than 37th place (in a Chrysler Saratoga in 1952), but I have huge respect for anyone that attempted to tackle the mighty Carrera Panamericana. Jacqueline Evans, however, was not content to just do the race once. Ms. Evans was a piloto at every year of the Carreras running—from 1950 to 1954.

Arguably it was the 1953 race with her behind the wheel of the Eva Peron tribute Porsche 356 for which she’s most remembered. The car is certainly among the most famous liveries of the period. With its vibrantly painted portrait of the recently deceased First Lady of Argentina. Although she ran overtime which resulted in her disqualification in the race she is among the most photographed racers that year. Whether it was because of the exotic livery, the relative novelty of a woman racer, or because she just looked so very cool is anyone’s guess… but I’m sure glad she was.

En representacion de las mujeres del mundo indeed.

7 responses to “Fast Women: Jacqueline Evans—Queen of the Carrera Panamericana”

  1. Peter says:

    “Piloto” is a masculine noun in Spanish…I wonder why the livery painter didn’t use “Pilota”?

  2. Vin says:

    Hmm. It is quite unusual to see such a women in a race car. Great old photos!

  3. PCL says:

    Did Ms. Evans have a relationship with the Peron family? Did Juan or Eva help finance her entries?

  4. This was the proof that women could drive fast!

  5. Sarah Vader says:

    Jacqueline Evans as an inspiration to boys and girls that wanted to be racers when they grew up. I real icon.

  6. Vasi says:

    The struggle was real then, and it continues today. Thankfully there were, and still are, women like her to prove equality is real.

  7. graham64 says:

    A ’52 Chrysler Saratoga was a bit of a barge – kudos to Evans for entering it and finishing the race!

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