Ebay Watching: Deadstock Racing Boots

These are amazing. Sure. I guess I like Piloti Racing Shoes as much as the next guy, but their aesthetics are a far cry from the simple honesty of these deadstock 1960’s Les Leston Grand Prix vintage racing boots. Les Leston was a racer himself that started a popular car accessory shop on London’s High Holborn street and outfitted racers with custom steering wheels, fire suits, helmets, and the like. But these boots are just on another level.

I’m sure they’re not fire safe. I’m sure they won’t stand up to much abuse outside of the car. I’m sure they’re gorgeous. Now if only I could find a way to cram my 10½ EE feet into this pair of 7½ boots.

Available on eBay at a price appropriate to their amazingness.

Thanks for alerting us to this one, Paul!

One response to “Ebay Watching: Deadstock Racing Boots”

  1. Dennis M says:

    Back in the early 90’s my wife gave me a week at Skip Barber Racing School. In preparation I bought a new drivers suit and a new pair of fire resistant shoes. I decided to break the shoes in on a cross country trip in my 1990, Signal Red, Jaguar XJS. Cut to the Ohio Turnpike where I was stopped for something North of 90 MPH. When I stepped out of the car the first words out of the officers mouth: “Nice shoes!”

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